Ministry of Home Affairs Website Hacked.

NEW DELHI: Days after a report on the lax cyber-security on central and state government websites, the Ministry of Home Affairs site has become the latest victim of cyber crime.

New details of the breach were announced by the credit reporting company Thursday, taking the total number of victims to 147.9 million. The company says the additional consumers only had their names and part of their driver's license numbers stolen, unlike the original 145.5 million Americans who had their Social Security numbers impacted.

Reports of the MHA web portal getting hacked emerged on Sunday morning. As soon as the hacking was detected, the MHA website was immediately blocked by the National Informatics Centre.

In January, suspected Pakistan-affiliated operatives had hacked the official website of the elite National Security Guard (NSG)+ and defaced it with a profanity-laden message against the Prime Minister and anti-India content.

Last week, the Home Ministry had said in a written report to the Lok Sabha that more than 700 websites of various central and state government departments were hacked in the past four years and a total of 8,348 persons were arrested for their involvement in cyber crimes.