What’s is COPAL?
The App acts as an additional communication tool with unique features to be used specifically for official purposes in secured way within your Organisation / Group.
What are its unique features?
COPAL has many features to help employees work in effective manner. Key features -
  • Connect with colleagues through secured gateway;
  • Cross border interactions in various time zones;
  • Flexibility to work from anywhere anytime;
  • Keep themselves abreast on news and regulatory developments on timely manner;
  • Receive Management Announcements and Important Notifications,
  • Able to showcase their inner strengths;
Who can use COPAL?
COPAL is useful for all small / medium / big Organisation / Association / Groups having strength of upto 50 or 50,000 + employees
How to install COPAL?
There are two ways to install COPAL depending on strength –
1) Procurement of COPAL licence by your Organisation and installation on your server/ cloud
2) Installation on private cloud space provided by COPAL, available for small Organisation/ Groups

Designated Admin of your Organization will install COPAL on employee’s personal devices.
How secured is COPAL?
COPAL will be installed either on your Organisation/ Group’s server or on COPAL cloud space and hence will be secured either as per your internal policy or as per COPAL’s secured infrastructure.
Further, the App is installed on your employee’s personal phone, in addition to crossing personal phone authentication; the App has separate secured authentication process. In case of loss of devise/theft, the App will be deactivated from Admin’s end on immediate basis.
Which all networks and devices does COPAL work on?
Like any other social apps, COPAL works on internet/ Wifi zone.

COPAL can be installed on IOS/ Android phones, Ipads, Laptops and Computer
Any additional infrastructure requirements
No, COPAL gets installed on your server and connects with all your systems. Easy data transition for smooth functioning of day-to-day activities
My organisation provides separate device/ instrument for easy connect when out of office
COPAL app can be installed on personal phone/ devices thus saving cost of buying separate devices for employees, paying monthly bills, annual maintenance, etc. Under BYOD infrastructure Employee is able to carry only one device at all times for personal and official purposes.
How is the App cost effective?
COPAL is cost effective in following ways:
  • BYOD helps single device for personal and official purposes and save cost for office provided phone;
  • Employees can leave from office early to avoid traffic and continue working on their devices;
  • Employees can work from anywhere anytime and save cost of travel, electricity;
Will the communication be considered formal?
Yes, communication on COPAL will be formal and records can be retained as per record retention policy of your Organisation
All communication will be stored on your server or cloud. Group chats will be auto-deleted periodically.